About Beadazzling.

Bedazzling of Norfolk.

I have been beading for approximately 15 years, starting with a trip to the USA and a visit to a beadshop – The size of a Barn.

I bought some beads because I loved the colours and finishes, but didn’t know what to do with them.  Beading was very much in its infancy in the UK so my kind brother gave me some American beading magazines. I was an embroiderer so to find out it was all done with Needle and thread was great.  I was blown away by the way they combined the beads and the designs so set out to teach myself.  After several years I found “The Beadworkers Guild” which is a UK organisation which educates and informs, has basic instructions on stitches, special workbooks and Workshops and classes.I have attended many workshops over the years some by the top American designers and always come away having learnt something new. I then turned my hand to designing my own projects and have had some published in magazines and journals, and have had some made into kits for sale through one of bead merchants. I work from my home in a studio converted from a Summerhouse.

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